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at 7:00 a.m. eastern on c-span. >> this is one of 10,000 homes they're trying to get down in the next four years. these are houses that are never coming back. >> not right now, no. one family every 20 minutes is moving out. >> and these houses are disappearing from the landscape. >> just recently, 164 firefighters were laid off as part of the downsizing, as part of this effort for the mayor to get the finances under control in the city. arson in the country. these guys are laid off. about two weeks later, 100 guys are retired. when you look to find out where that money came from, it was the
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department of homeland security. they have a fund for things like that. i do not want to overstate but that is something you want to think about. the department of homeland security did step in and out to keep detroit as safe as it can be for the moment. it could be a lot safer. we're talking about, i wonder -- we have seen the auto industry bailout. the bank bailout. are we heading into an era of bailouts of cities? is there a thing as it failed city? what's more with "detropisa"'s co-director. what c-span is asking high school and middle school students to send a message to the president and ask what is the most important issue -- consider in 2013? for a chance to win $5,000. c-span's student cam video
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competition is open to students rate six through 12. the deadline is january 18, 2013. former governor tommy thompson faced tammy baldwin in their third and final debate for wisconsin u.s. senate seat. they are competing for the seat of retiring senator herb kohl. this is courtesy of wisn. it is about an hour. >> hello everyone. welcome to our conversation with the candidates. tonight we are done with -- by tammy baldwin and former governor tommy thompson. thank you to both of you for participating tonight. we are in the appellate court room of the law school at marquette university. i'm the host of the statewide public affairs program.
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the rules are simple. the candidates have jaundice for a conversation about the level of government in our lives. we have asked them to stay on point. the candidates can talk to one another but i will be managing the time is spent on a particular topic. we will have the freedom to move the conversation along. each candidate will have a closing statement along with the 90 statements. -- 90 seconds. there are no opening statements. we flipped a coin. we will begin with night -- tonight with tammy baldwin. i will ask the both the same kind of question. about your portrayal in this campaign. you haven't portrayed as an extreme liberal -- have been portrayed as an extreme liberal. the national journal said you have either one of the most were the most liberal voting records
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in the house. the late george mcgovern said he was a proud liberal. what are you willing to embrace that definition? >> in wisconsin, we have a tradition of progressivism. it means something here. sometimes the words of liberal and conservative have lost their meaning at the nationalist level. the me tell you what i mean. -- let met tell you what i mean. he left his party because he felt the powerful special interests of those days had way too much control in washington and madison jerry he wanted the people to have a voice. -- madison. he wanted the people to have a voice. i feel like my point represents a lot of those powerful interests. whoever legions of lobbyists in washington, d.c. the people of wisconsin need a voice.
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>> it seems like tammy baldwin is checking toward the center but i wonder what happens if she gets to washington. what do you say to that? >> of what to be a voice for the hard-working, middle-class people in the state. help rebuild our economy. i am not going to go there to be a voice for wall street or the big insurance companies or the big pharmaceutical companies or the tea party, for that matter. we need a fair set of rules. i feel like our tax system is rigged by those in power and lobbyists. the plans for the future of medicare are dangerous. if we hand them over to the present health insurance companies. what you will see is somebody fighting for fairness and the voice of hard-working wisconsin families to be heard. >> governor, you have been
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defined as someone who is -- who hoas stopped being one of us. and you have sold out a special corporate influences. criticism has focused on will have done since being governor. do you have second thoughts about jobs you have held, you have represented? >> no. no. nobody else to say that except my opponent. she spent millions because she is no record to run on. she's been in congress of the 14 years. she did nothing while she was there issue passed three bills. i was governor of the state. cut taxes 91 times, passed welfare reform, school choice, a
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charter schools, but did care. senior care. all programs for the low, middle income. for everybody in the state of wisconsin dairy 90% of the people in wisconsin elmi just as -- for everybody in the state of wisconsin. 90% of the people in wisconsin know me just as tommy. i'm still fighting for wisconsin and always will. >> people say you a change politically. they will say you have been asked to define yourself and you said a couple times your a moderate conservative. at a tea party meeting in june, he said i am way over on the right. to tell you the truth, i am not going to compromise. how do people read that? why are you say different things to different people? >> i do not know where you pick that up.
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i've always been a moderate conservative. but odyssey i have been able to work with democrats, republicans, independents. -- but obviously i have been able to work with democrats, republicans, independents. it does have bipartisan i am -- it tells you how bipartisan i am. let's let me jump into the issues. i want to spend time on priorities. let's talk about this job one. what is job one for congresswoman tammy baldwin? what's a focus on jobs in the economy. no question about that. -- >> it's a focus on jobs and the economy. no question about that. the board tried to get ahead but they're just getting by. we have a lot more work to do -- people are trying to get ahead
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but they are just getting by terry we have a lot more work to do. also reining in china's cheating. the tax code benefits companies that are offshoreing jobs. of what the point of contrast here -- tommy and so with the company that teaches business is how to outsource jobs treaty supports additional tax cuts that would benefit even for people who profit by outsourcing u.s. jobs. the agenda involves making sure we protect some essential investments. i'm talking about retired rising. -- about re prior testing. that is education, and for structur and resources.
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infrastructure and research. helping families it had once again. and help us in the longer term terry >> -- longer term. >> what is job one for you? >> the first step is to balance the budget. we will be in a fiscal of this year it is how born here in milwaukee is $51,000 in debt. our whole budget is heading toward some sort of fiscal of us unless we do something. congress has not crossed a budget in 3 1/2 years. when i was governor, i've passed the budget every year. we created 742,000 jobs.
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with the congresswoman has said about me is a figment of her imagination. i was a present chairman of [unintelligible] , grading $700. first of about the budget that the economy moving. there are 22 million individuals underemployed or unemployed. i will create -- make things happen. billed the state. that is what i've known for. that is what i will do. >> give me an example in terms of jobs would you would see yourself sponsoring immediately that you think would improve economic fortunes for people at the wisconsin. >> a company cars contract.
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[unintelligible] they have a contract to build the pipeline. to enter $50 million year would create lots of jobs. -- $250 million here will create lots of jobs. bring the power down. let's use our natural -- natural energy. these ar our buses to compressed natural gases. i went to bill wisconsin in build -- i wanto to wisconsin and america beard >> same question for you. >> for manufacturing, i would try to build on the work i've
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already done by having passed a bipartisan legislation for the paper industry with china is subsidizing to the tune of billions of dollars. we have seen those close. we need to do the same with the emerging solar panel industry and auto parts. a companion piece of legislation i would work on is pushing america policies, and the particular homeland defense and national security. when we pay u.s. tax dollars, they ought to be supporting u.s. jobs. often we are not using u.s. employees for these things. and what i made in wisconsin for earlier -- i went on a made in wisconsin tour earlier and too
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often those jobs are going overseas and that is irresponsible. summit johnson was talking about -- tommy thompson was talking about drilling in alaska to create jobs here. it is ridiculous. if an energy products -- creek page in wisconsin. -- that would create good pay in .isconsin's reques she is opposed to the houston pipeline. she is talking about alternative energy. solyndra as another one of the democratic things they felt good about giving money. let's talk about the paper
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industry. when she had a chance, when the paper industry said would you vote to have epa back off because if not, of which will lose thousands of jobs in wisconsin. she said no, i will vote for epa against the paper industry and it will probably lose 7500 jobs because of that. >> tommy thompson -- my concern is that the company filed the rules. there is a procedure. they have tried to create their own set of rules. what happens when you bypass rules? let's talk to people in wisconsin and washington and
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adams county who have a pipeline that come through their counties that have burst, spilling 50,000 barrels of oil into their environment. that is what happens when you bypass rules. we cannot let these large powerful interests create their own will. the lobbying firm in washington d.c. that represented the folks -- behalf have a diversified portfolio. -- we have to have a diversified portfolio. >> the company would have many jobs in wisconsin. she voted for the epa against the paper companies of wisconsin. i find it hard to believe that any congressman in from wisconsin would do that. she did. let me move to a different topic. >> jobs.
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we are that the heart of milwaukee. people are struggling. there are people in farms and rural areas that are struggling. what is the proper role of government in terms of trying to deal with this problem of long- term unemployment? or is it not really governments role? >> let's look at the history of this community. it used to be a big industrial manufacturing center of the state. closey of the company's or go overseas. so that is partly why did they focus on making things again in america and wisconsin is key. we also have the skills gap. we have heard it from countless folks from tim sullivan was
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offered recommendations did and allow the technical colleges across the state are working hard to adjust that. the provide some support to help students afford a technical college as well as subsidizing technical colleges. that is a government role that is very important it -- appropriate. i think it is inappropriate role of government to play. >> let me have your response to that. >> if you remember, kimberly- clark was leading wisconsin. college kids could not find jobs. i went out a knife cut taxes 91 ties. we build highways. -- i went out and i cut taxes 91
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times. we build highways. greeted 88,000 jobs in the wa -- in manufacturing. -- created 88,000 jobs in manufacturing. that is the kind of economy, the kind of innovations i had when i was governor, the same kind of innovations i can take to washington. we have to use our vocational training. i want individuals to be able to build things. i want welders, people that are carpenters. that is why i put so much money and emphasis on the trades and vocational school levels governor. let's talk about no the wisconsin. we have an opportunity to have
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huge amounts of jobs here in milwaukee sending equipment upton northern wisconsin for money and people did not have -- a legislator was not able to do it. most democrats. create jobs the republican way. >> to want to talk about the nation's deficit, the fiscal cliff, debt. given national debt of $16 trillion. we are facing difficult with. all that has, left as has what do we do about it? there has been more talk about could the two parties do a grand bargain? something like you might see with the simpson bowles commission theory where it is a policy that says it will have $3
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a dose spending cuts for every $1 in tax revenue increases. we are going to cut tax rates and eliminate possible deductions. cut entitlements. it will be pain involved but it will work money off the debt. could you support that? >> of my own plans on the table. i want to be able to put in the same thing i did when i was governor. a proposal that said every state agency had to take a 5% reduction and then redesign the department terry apple to the same thing to the federal government. -- and then redesign their departments. iw an want to do the same thingo the federal government. if you give secretaries the power to reduce their budget or take 5% and say reorganize their
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budget, it would be surprised. a much better stick government would run and the federal would run. i would require a resolution that says if you do not pass the budget within four months after the first of january, you do not get paid. let's force congress to do their job. >> , as woman, we support something like the simpson bowles? -- congresswoman, would you support a bill like the simpson bowles? what i actually agree. we should not pay if it cannot pass the budget. [laughter] i shall mention it before you -- i actually menionted it before you at the first debate. i could not accept the product
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of the simpson bowles commission although the process is worthy of repeating. it asks too much of the middle- class, of seniors, veterans and did not ask the very wealthy to do their fair share. as we tackle the budget, we have to have that balance. it -- the difference between tommy thompson and myself cannot be more clear. supports the ryan plan which has massive new tax cut for the very wealthy. $260,000 for the average millionaire like tommy. it pays for it with an increase
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in middle income taxes. what concerns me the most beyond the -- that, tommy signed a pledge to grover norquist that committee will never ask the wealthy to do more. that is wrong. for us to audit fair shot, we all have to do our fair share. indeed balance -- we need balance. >> i would like to respond. >> you will get that chance. let me follow up. is there enough money there to make a dent in the nation's debt by raising taxes on the wealthy? do we really get to where we need to get if we do not touch
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entitlements? >> let's talk about that. if we let the bush tax cuts on the top 2% expire, that will be the better part of $1 trillion. i do not think it is -- it isn't what he does raise some issues about the un funded wars and tax cuts. each of us have a record of either supporting or opposing policies that got us into this mess in the first place. tommy thompson left to talk about his time as governor during the clinton boom era. but served during the bush imitation to become a cabinet secretary. he supported his policies to have to run the tax cuts -- to have two unfunded tax cuts.
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i opposed the war and iraq. under his watch at the department of health and human services, it created a program that david walker called the most fiscally irresponsible policy in this country since the 1960's. almost $5 trillion in debt got us into this mess. >> governor, will you respond to some of these points? take your time. >> she has missed it just about everything -- misstated just about everything. there's been a 10 trillion dollar increase says she's been in office. i never protect bill in to give
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anybody a tax break of anything right now -- put in a tax bill to give anybody a tax rate of anything right now. if you want a flat tax without skimming ior scamming the system, you can do it on halftime purity put on the gross revenue, said it in and still have enough time to go to the andrigerator get a beer watch the second half. i was running for the department of health. and was not in the department of revenue or passing tax things. she is in this congress. she forgets all these things happened. she thinks i was in congress. i was secretary. i was running health and human
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services. i was not proclaimed a war. i was not passing legislation for taxes. she's been there for 14 years. she has never introduced a proposal. to keep talking about this wonderful buffett rule. it would cost america 750,000 jobs and would run the federal government for 11 hours. you want that, that is a portrait of. >> i will give you a couple seconds to respond than i want to ask you both a brief question to request the buffett rule is about fairness. we have people who make over $1 million a year who pay lower tax rates. take mitt romney, for example. he lowered taxes the hard- working -- he pays lower taxes than hard working and middle income families.
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why is this the case? there are these loopholes that folks that are powerful to have their legion of lobbyists get written into the tax code. it is unfair. i do not think the tax season is during the greenbaay packers season. >> let's hope their plan in the super bowl. [laughter] >> i'm listening to each of you and hearing you say you did not want to raise taxes. is that accurate? >> i did not want to raise taxes. what to cut the programs by 5% across the board and give the secretaries the power to
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reorganize and eliminate programs. we get a grand deal so we can do it, i did simpson bowles has to be on the table. and what my plan on the table and sit down on a bipartisan basis. 60 votes will do it. you have to have some compromise. i'm going to washington to solve the problems, not delay them. a month to fix the problem, fix america to my children and grandchildren can inherit a country that a stronger them what they will get if we do not do it. >> are using the same thing the head of the aflcio said earlier this week? and not what entitlements touched? >> the first thing i would do with medicare is there . of tommy thompson's see her do with the drug companies -- sweetheart deal with the drug companies.
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that would sit with $156 billion. -- that would save us $156 billion. that is one of the immediate things i would do. >> no increase in the age, testing? you would not favor that? >> i regard medicare and not just the program but that promise. i was raised by my grandparents. i got to see how medicare works at the very young age. they paid in throughout their working lives. we have to strengthen and extend its solvency but i would note that tommy thompson supports a program to replace traditional medicare without a very -- with a voucher. shifting costs to years -- to
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seniors. it is the wrong policy. let's let me set the record straight. the deal is talking about was a democrat proposal from president clinton introduced in 1999. you know who voted for it? tammy baldwin. hr 4680 in june. you voted for that deal have been many about -- you have been blaming me about. that deal she's talking about, that was in 1999 and came up in 2000. she voted for it. it was a democratic proposal. in regards to medicare, i believe if we do not think -- if they do nothing, medicare is
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going to go bankrupt in 2024. i do not want medicare to go bankrupt. i want to fix medicare but i want to make sure that seniors in america and wisconsin are protected. only those under the age of 50 by the year 2000 will have a choice, not about her life she says - not the voucher like she says. people will make a choice. that is a much better approach. good, if not better than medicare. all seniors will be taken care of these and people will have the to protect them when they get to that age. >> the plan just propose, will it save any money? >> right now you cannot score in like it to washington but it was
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introduced by a couple of u.s. senators and they said it would save medicare. i will like to see it. i wdelete it is a plan. paul ryan has a plan. -- at least it is a plan. paul ryan has a plan. tommy thompson has a plant. president barack obama has the plant. tammy baldwin has no plans. >> we do know something about his brand new plan on medicare and that is that health costs in the federal employee health benefit program are increasing at a rate of 40% faster than traditional medicare. that gives you a sense. it is not a full score. but that is something we do know. that would not save us money. it would shift a huge burden to seniors.
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this idea that he never supported the voucher program, he ran ads in his primary sang out will be the 51st vote to pass the paul ryan budget which contains this plan. last summer, he stood on the stage and talked about his support for this plan. what have i done? i worked hard on the affordable care act that has significant sections on medicare. in that, we extended the solvency of medicare by 10 years. this is not the end of our work but it is a strong beginning. i was very involved in that. when tommy thompson ran medicare from 2001 until 2005, the
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program went nine years closer to bankruptcy under his watch. the medicare trustees said it would be insolvent in 2029. when he left four years later, 2020. when is he going to take responsibility for what is in the medicare program. he said i was the mastermind then he said i had nothing to do with that. somebody else put in there. he had every possibility is that not be in there and he did not do it. -- to say that would not be in there and he did not do it your >> i am complex but what she sang. -- complicated by what she is saying. part d is the first major
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improvement to medicare since 1965. 90% of seniors like it. 85% say it saves them money. under the score of cbo, intestate the federal government four to $35 billion. you tell me, any other program in washington that 90% of the people like it. it is the federal government money . that is governmentpart d is. seniors, we go to purchase your dress, i did that the programs of the gipper to drugs and your congresswoman voted against it. -- that program and your congresswoman voted against it. does anybody in america and wisconsin thinks it takes $716
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billkion out of medicare and put into obamacare is good for medicare, it is a trap. >> aarp has said that simply is not true, the $716 billion allegation. what was it? this happened in part under tommy thompson's watch. there were excess of overpayments to private insurance companies managing parts of medicare. we ended those. other savings came from negotiations with providers who in anticipation of the affordable care act said this is something we agreed to. then we went after raced -- waste but no guarantee
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benefit was altered. preventative care and checking the doughnut hole and the solitude was increased by nearly -- by nearly a decade. >> you want to repeal would you call obamacare. governor, you will need a lot of things to line up for you to do this. you need mitt romney in the white house, and majority in the senate, 60 votes. how will you reveal -- repeal obamacare? >> first off, you do not need 60 votes. because the supreme court said it was attacked. -- it was a tax. it's a budgetary item. all your health insurance proposals will have a tax on the coming up. most of that is on the middle- class. 80 $ billion tax will be placed
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on you. also taxes and small business. so many small businesses will drop people because they cannot afford it. that is a travesty. that is what obamacare is all about. there is a 50 member board appointed by the president that can determine what kind of benefits you can have. anybody out there in america wants an unelected board to determine your doctor, what hospital, what kind achievements you have? that is why obamacare has to be changed. there is one thing tammy baldwin agreed upon. i started it. that is well as a branch in spirit 92% of the people --
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that is wellness. 3% of health care is thereh to help people after an illness. we will start making our health care system more accessible and accountable. >> use a u.n. to tweak it -- you say you want to tweak it. you sauiaid single payer is irrelevant now to the discussion. is it irrelevant to voters? >> we had a passionate debate that resulted in passing america's new health law. the last thing americans want or need is to have the u.s. senate
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rip it up and start over again. we need to work across the party aliment this work. i have listened to tommy thompson cut about what he would do if he got his way. he would replace it with 80% of what he says. read the bill. let's about some of the things people now have and will have. i spotted the amendment that allows young people to stay on their health insurance until they're 26. i travel to campuses across the state. raise your hand if you have covered the apparent. three-quarters of hands usually pop up. think about the worries parents have a damage out with a pre- existing condition. insurance companies can no longer turn away and they have to offer them affordable coverage.
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i think about the past when people went bankrupt because of an injury or owners. they put an -- when it is fully implemented, nearly everyone at the america will have high quality affordable health care and small businesses will get the help they need to do what they want to do for their workers. this idea that we would rip it up and start over again is ridiculous. rex can respond? >> keep it brief. >> we don't want to rip it apart. i have 10 items to make the health care system affordable and accessible. obamacare was not trying to of any kind input from doctors or
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republican. they passed obamacare on december 24, 2009. only the second time the united states senate was ever a that a session. they made a deal to give obamacare a lot of money to the would never have to pay anything more. the cut a deal for bill nelson. they never had a public hearing. it forced it through. that is why it is so screwed up. we have to fix it. we can do it on a bipartisan basis. the only way to have a health care system of course is to do it on a bipartisan basis. who better than me to be able to figure it out? >> i want to talk about 9/11 for a moment.
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it has been the focal point of your campaign for the last week or so. governor tommy thompson, you raised this issue with an ad review were critical of the votes she took in 2006 on the anniversary for not showing support of the victims and families and first responders. do you have any regrets about running back ad? >> i want to tell about 9/11. i was sitting in my office as secretary of health and saw those planes fly into the twin towers. i got a call from georgia -- from governor pataki and mayor giuliani. we need help right now. and was the only cabinet secretary able to get a plane in the air. we sent 50 tons of medical supplies by 5:00 in the
7:46 pm
afternoon for new york. the next morning had 200,000 gloves, masks. i was in new york. before the president. and met with the governor, the chief of police, the fireplace. i walk down broadway. we have to wear a mask because the debris was so thick. it went around and talk to doctors and administrators. i held the people injured, some who later died. the one a particular product. then went to the morgan saw the individuals there. they need help. i commission people. at ast to set up a hospital ship -- i asked to set up a hospital shift. all those people to help them.
7:47 pm
i saw those individuals. i was the person in charge. i was very upset when everybody else in wisconsin voted for that. tammy baldwin did not carry that bothered me. five years after that, i was there. it still to this day haunts me. >> congresswoman, a chance to explain your vote. >> i am outraged that tommy thompson would question my patriotism. he has personally profited from 9/11 and now he is trying to politically profit from 9/11. i voted 9 times to honor the victims at first responders of 9/11. 3 times to allow the congressional gold medal to those families. i voted and worked hard to pass a 9/11 health bill and voted to
7:48 pm
hunt down osama bin laden and the paterpetrators. you should never politicize 9/11. the resolution saw to politicize. i voted no. words are important, as are deeds. that is where our work on the first responder help comes in. it cannot be a sharper contrast between my record of honoring and helping those first responders and tommy thompson. i worked to pass the 9/11 health bill, i worked with her first responders. they were advised by their own government that -- about the
7:49 pm
toxic air there. sometimes weeks, months, years later, the developed rare brain cancers and blood cancers and respiratory illnesses. they came to tommy thompson and his department. 3 years after 9/11, a report came out. 412 workers have been tested in screen. the department decided it would contract out these health services. you got the $11 million contract? tommy thompson i talk with responders who said they had to fight for their benefits from tommy thompson's company. that is not how we should treat our first responders. i am outraged that tommy thompson would question my patriotism. >> why would you vote for the
7:50 pm
resolution -- against the resolution? >> because it politicized 9/11. that does it does honor to the victims. because it indoors -- it used the occasion of honoring the 9/11 victims to trumpet the george bush political agenda. that was wrong. it offended many of the survivors of first responder is your i felt i needed to stand that. >> i question her judgment. only 22 voted against it. everyone from wisconsin voted for it, including medical lows. it bothers me because i was there helping out and if you talk to george pataki and mayor guiliani, they said i was a force of nature because i was up there so often helping people
7:51 pm
get things. deny give the appropriation. -- congress, she did not appropriate the money. congress did not appropriate the money. that is why they did i get the treatment they did. it put in a rejection as to who could get it. talking about her judgment, not only did she vote against this. she voted against the alldinejad -- out of 535, sectors except three condemned ahmadinejad. tammy baldwin voted against the sanctions. i do not question her patriotism. i questioned her judgment. on these things that make america less safe. >> discussion about iran.
7:52 pm
why did you take $60,000 from a group that is opposed to sanctions which he tried to raise in the last the day. >> it is unacceptable for iran to become capable of producing a nuclear weapon. it is a threat to the u.s., either to the region -- a region and toe israel. i support the president's call options on the table approach. and have voted early in my career as well as recently to support sanctions. now that the president has finally gotten the world community to join us, they are crippling. when we were acting unilaterally in the last administration with very little
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international support, [unintelligible] i heard mitt romney twice about the revolution about what more we could have done to support an iranian civilian uprising against the regime. sending our men and women into harm's way as on the table -- i think we missed an opportunity. on the council for a livable world, it is a 50 year-old nuclear non-proliferation organization. i support nonproliferation of nuclear weapons. if the groups as you do not go in or were forced -- the last thing i want to say is at the last of it, tommy thompson said -- i confronted him on the fact
7:54 pm
that he held investments in businesses that do business with iran. he said he did not know about it, blamed his stockbroker, and that there were two. there were seven and they were all on his financial disclosures. he should not electing me on the iran policy when he is profiting from his investments. in companies that were -- uranium mining. >> i am running short on time. >> she voted for ahmadinejad. he said the holocaust did not exist. he said it will have a nuclear bomb and destroy israel. the congress put in a commendation resolution to condemn him. everybody voted except three individuals. she voted against all the sanctions up until this year
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when she decided to run. then she decided this year she is going to run so she would vote for it. i question her judgment. my investment, she has the same investments in pension-fund for the university of wisconsin, the state of wisconsin and the federal government. >> we have to halt this part of the conversation. we have gone long at the end. it will be a minute closing statement. i hope you can both deal with one minute. each candidate has 60 seconds. tammy baldwinm,, we begin with you. >> thank you. i appreciate the fact that everyone is here, that he sponsored this debate. that tommy thompson agreed to it. one of us is going to be here next united states senator. voters have a clear choice in front of them. alexian sometimes boiled down to the -- elections sometimes
7:56 pm
boiled down to the question of whose side are you on. on issue after issue, it is so clear. on jobs and the economy, i have been fighting for a leveling the playing field for our working with, the families. tommy thompson has been supporting out tortures and tax breaks for them. on deficit reduction, i have been supporting a balanced approach that does not put the burden on the shoulders of middle-class families. seniors and veterans. he took a pledge to washington lobbyists and grover norquist that allows him not to ever ask a heavier burden on the wealthy. you have issues. you want somebody fighting for you, are working middle-class family, then i ask for your vote on november 6. >> thank you. gov tommy thompson. >> i am tommy thompson.
7:57 pm
i was governor of the state of wisconsin for 14 years. i changed the direction of the state. cut taxes 91 times. on a bipartisan peace is the democrats and republicans. i am a reformer. we have reform the education system and the tax system. i will do the same thing in washington. congresswoman tommy thompson has been there -- tammy baldwin has been there for 14 years. he named three things. i do nothing -- do not htinthink [unintelligible] i have children and grandchildren. i love them dearly. i am afraid we can no longer a promise of a country that is stronger and safer. all it can promise is a country that is overloaded with debt. the young people of this society
7:58 pm
will have to pay our debts unless we get up and start making the decisions in washington. pass the budget and get it under control so we did not have a fiscal crisis and a fiscal abyss. i ask for your vote because i can rebuild this country just like we did wisconsin. let's do it together. we are wisconsin. we are americans. texting give very much. -- >> thank you very much. please join us this sunday. will discuss this race with our guests. there will probably have opposite views. early voting has started in wisconsin. or free to go to the polls until november 6. election day is the sixth and we encourage you to get out a vote. our thanks to the candidates for being here. and to you for watching at home. have a wonderful evening. [captioning performed by national captioning institute]
7:59 pm
[captions copyright national cable satellite corp. 2012] >> washington, d.c, mentality where you make these assault attacks and bring little depth to the analysis of your problem that says i and the clear choice to be governor. these include board members who are not conservative but in every case has decided strongly that i and the tourists for governor and not you. i am sorry you did not answer my question. >> 15 seconds for the question and make it a question, please. one minute 15 for him to respond. >> i am endorsed a plan parroted the washington because of my consistent support of women's health care and access to the woman's right of choice. you have been reluctant to stick your position on a number of your position on a number of occasions about this

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